The solar street lights chip away at the guideline of the photovoltaic cell or solar based cell. The solar cell changes solar energy to the electrical vitality which stored in the battery. The solar light draws the current from this battery and it requires no other wiring.

The solar street lights utilize sun powered vitality, a type of the renewable energy. Nowadays it is basic to see the solar based road lights along the streets. The solar street lights contain the photovoltaic cells, which retain the solar energy amid daytime. The photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into electrical current, which is put away in the battery.

At the evening time the light switches on automatically and it expends the power as of now put away in the battery. Amid the day time the battery gets revived and the procedure continues repeatedly each day.


Models of Solar Street Lights

1)      Sodium Vapor Lights: The sodium street lights utilize sodium in energized state to release the light. These lights contain the sun based panels that assimilate the solar energy during daytime, which is converted into electricity and stored in the batteries. At evening time the sodium lights uses electricity from rechargeable battery. There is no wiring required for these lights, there are no power bills to be paid, they are extremely sheltered and can light the roads from 4 to 12 hours contingent upon the span of the solar panels and battery. The sodium solar street lights can be used for lighting streets, open spots, residential locations, parks, plaza and so forth.

2)      Solar LED lights: LED means light emitting diode. LED involves the chemical compound that gives off the light when direct current (DC) from the battery goes through it. Solar LEDs are accessible from a number of organizations in various sizes, shapes and styles. The life of LED is normally high stretching out up to 50,000 hours. The LEDs require very little current henceforth the solar panels of smaller sizes are required for the solar lights with LED lamps.

3)      Solar lights utilizing induction technology: In this strategy the lights utilized as a part of the solar lights don’t contain the filament or the electrodes that have a tendency to get damaged quickly, in this way guaranteeing high existence of the light. The life of the lamp in solar based street lights in light of induction technology can be more than 10, 0000 hours, which is just about 100 times the life of the incandescent lamps. These results in lower support and electrical expenses and fewer disturbances brought about to the movement out and about. Since these lights uses induction technology, they gain lesser heat, subsequently allowing the utilization of aluminium reflectors that increases the brightness of the light delivered by the lamp.