There is nothing better than a perfect partnership – popcorn and movies, sun and beach sand, solar and LED lighting…

Yes, that last one may not be as common as the first two, but it certainly fits into the bracket of perfect partnerships and for good reason.

In South Africa, solar power is one of the best options for alternative energy, due to the climate where we often have clear skies and loads of sunlight.

In fact, many homeowners and businesses have already converted to solar power due to the tremendous savings on offer, while it is also a greener option to ensure that we have less of an impact on the environment.

This is an excellent and sustainable source of energy in South Africa, while the latest technology ensures that it is as reliable, if not more so, than other traditional forms of lighting.

To highlight why the combination of solar and LED lighting is so perfect, you simply need to look at the benefits.

Lighting is mostly required during the evening, which means that in the day, you have ample time to soak up the required energy. Whether for street lights or outdoor areas, a full day is often more than enough to produce the right amount of electrical power.

LED lighting has drastically improved over recent years, and you can now get everything from standard room lights to powerful spotlights that make use of LED technology. This is one of the most efficient forms of lighting, as it uses far less energy, while it also requires less maintenance in terms of replacing lights.

Due to the fact that LED lights require so little energy, solar power systems offer more than enough energy to keep the lights on – in turn resulting in a cheaper and better lighting system.

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