At ENDD we can design all different kinds of lighting poles to the exact specification of what our customer wants, whether it is a council specified pole or poles designed by architects and engineers, we can assist in the design and advise if the poles comply with SANS standards. All calculations that are done by a qualified structural engineer, are available upon request.

We are able to design and manufacture poles up to 17m and masts up to 40 meters.

Products Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Streetlight Poles and accessories.
  • Parallel Tapered masts up to 40m.
  • Outreach Arms , Spigots , Floodlight Brackets.
  • Wooden or Concrete Pole Outreach Brackets, Curved Outreaches.
  • Stadium and Sports field poles and Masts.
  • Transmission Poles.
  • Solar Structures.
  • Solar Poles.
  • Telecommunication Poles.
  • Cellular Towers.
  • Traffic Light Poles.
  • Decorative poles.
  • Catenary/Light Rail and Distribution.
  • Lighting Conductor poles.
  • Telephonic poles.


  • All Poles are designed in accordance with SANS 10225.
  • All tubing to SANS 657-1 Grade GW355J HT.
  • Manufacturing to SANS 10214-1987-1.
  • All Galvanizing done to ISO 1461 and SANS 121-2000-1 and certificates available.
  • All Welding done by coded welders to SANS 10044 Part 1-4.
  • Calculation certificates are available upon request.
  • Weld on reducers or swaging depending on client’s specifications.
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Street Light Poles