• The mast will be designed in accordance with SANS 0225.
  • The mast will be manufactured to ISO 9001: 2015.
  • The masts are Hot Dip Galvanised to SANS 121 / SABS 1461.
  • All poles are manufactured from Grade GW355J HT steel and is manufactured in accordance with SANS 657/1&3.
  • All designs, (developed, designed and signed by a registered Professional Engineer) are available on request.


  • Mid-Hinged Poles, also known as Collapsible pole, are designed for ease of maintenance, especially under restricted conditions.
  • The hinged mechanism enables the top half of the pole to swing down for maintenance at the ground level without needing the servicing personnel to climb up.
  • Applications:
    • Area Lighting
    • Township Lighting
    • Solar Area Lighting.
    • Highways and Interchanges
    • Prison Yards
    • Railway Yards
    • Ports and Airports
    • Schools and Sports Fields
    • Yards and Parking Areas


  • The mast consists of a fixed lower section with a base plate secured by holding down bolts to the mast foundation.
  • The top section is fitted to the fixed lower portion by slip fitted and steel pins passing through both sections and secured by nuts and bolts.
  • The Headframe is fitted on the top section and secured by means of a slip joint
  • The hinge / counter-balance sleeve is secured with a round steel pin that passes through the side plates of the fixed lower section.
  • The hinge / counter-balance sleeve bottom section shall be secured to the fixed lower section by means of a bolt using a designed spanner to loosen the bolt.
  • The hinge / counter-balance sleeve bottom section is also secured to the fixed lower section with a removable safety chain to prevent accidental or unplanned opening of the bottom sleeve section.
  • Access [Rectangular shape] door is placed and accessible at the bottom section.
  • The door is secured with a tamper proof screw.
  • Electrical distribution board is mounted inside the access door.
  • The trailing cable is plug into the distribution board and is connected to the IP65 splitter box attached to the headframe.
  • Flexible cables are used for the connection between the floodlights and the IP65 splitter box.
  • The photocell is mounted at the lower section above the access door to control the on/off switch of the floodlights.


  • 6M to 25M height
  • Apron customized for weight balancing.
  • Customize pole size for various application.
  • Headframe to suit all types of fitting.
  • Brackets for additional attachment
  • Portable hand-winch for maintenance
  • Nylon rope for maintenance
  • Lighting spike on top of the headframe.
  • Tamper proof key is provided for access.
  • Test leads are available on request for testing purposes.
  • Installation offered within South African borders and recommended to be done by ENDD Lighting & Structural to carry full warranty on installation and product.
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Masts - Mid Hindged Masts